Flow Meters

Flow Meters

Quantity of each individual operation (single operation):
The lubricant is supplied directly from the storage container and passes through the flow meter where the dispensed quantity is displayed as soon as the trigger of the control gun is manually released.

Quantity of a sum of dispenses (partial totalizer):
This mode accumulates a number of individual operations and can be reset to zero periodically. It enables the user to display a daily, weekly or monthly quantity of dispenses.

Quantity of all dispenses ever made (absolute totalizer):
In this mode all dispenses made since the first use of the flow meter are displayed as an inventory value that cannot be reset to zero and so show a balancing of the  uid consumption.

Preset of the quantity:
In the flow meter models with preset function a small, but effective element of automation is added which permits the user to predetermine the desired dispensing quantity and to stop the flow automatically once the preset quantity has been reached.

The flow meters are factory calibrated with hydraulic oil ISO 32. Anyway, they can easily be re-calibrated by the user according to the lubricant type used. Also it is possible to change the measuring unit from liters quickly into gallons, pints or quarts using the push buttons of the display. The new series “MID MI-005” is a product line of flow meters for the supply of oils which are approved for fiscal transactions according to the European Directive 2004/22/EC, better known as Measurement Instrument Directive (MID) MI-005.