Hose Reels

Hose Reels

In order to satisfy all application requirements the hose reels are available in two main materials:

  • Epoxy powder-coat painted carbon steel
  • Stainless steel AISI 304 (on demand also AISI 316)

The hose rewinding can be carried out:

  • automatically by the use of a spring,
  • manually by the use of a hand crank,
  • by the use of a hydraulic motor,
  • by the use of an electric motor.

The hose reel range can also be divided into 2 basic categories with regard on the

  • hose diameter to be installed:
  • Hose reels for hoses up to 1/2”
  • Hose reels for hoses up to 1’ 1/2”

In order to be able to o er a suitable solution to any requirement existing in the market, various hose reel series have been developed.

The Flexbimec hose reel range consists of a big variety of versions that have been developed in order to meet the requirements of installation at the place of use. They can be classi ed according to their constructional characteristics, their form and their dimensions into the following series:
All hose reels can be supplied without or with the requested hoses already mounted.

The hose reel models which are marked with the ATEX symbol are available with the corresponding ATEX certi cate, in accordance with
directive ATEX 94/9/EC, art. 8.1. b) ii) – group II – category 2.

Standard series
The most common, most economic and extremely approved version, suitable for hose diameters up to 1/2”.

Enclosed series
Two metal enclosures provide an optimal protection of the hose and improve the esthetic e ect of the installation.

Adjustable arms series EVO

In this version the outlet direction of the hose can be adjusted into various positions. Thus it permits a mounting of the hose reel also on the ceiling. From the inlet swivel joint the  uid  ows through an interchangeable hose connection adapter assembly on which the hose is mounted.

Heavy duty series
The models of this series are suitable for applications under high mechanical demands.

Heavy duty series OX
The extreme robustness of its construction combined with the high rewinding strength of its twin spring characterize this innovative hose reel version which is particularly suitable for the use with high pressure hoses in 3/4” and 1” (SAE 100 R1T and SAE 100 R2T) for oils, grease and diesel.

THIN REEL series
Its innovative constructional design characterize the models of this series which is particularly suitable in applications with limited space in width thanks to its overall width of max. 150 mm, f. ex. for the installation inside of compact cabinets.