Oil supply

Oil supply

Pneumatic piston pumps
Flexbimec offers a wide selection of different oil pumps. Depending on whether you need a high quality pump for the supply of antifreeze or oil or different conatiner sizes. In our Onlineshop you will find the right pump.

Electric oil pumps
Various electric oil pumps can be found in our Flexbimec online store. It is important to know the liquids you would like to transport. So you can choose the pumps, which fit your requirements the most. The pumps operate at different voltages like 12V, 24V and 230V, which is another factor that you must consider in your planning.

Electric gear pumps
Electric oil pumps can be used to transport oil with with a medium or low working pressure. These electric gear pumps require voltages between 12 V and 400 V. The gears made of nylon can deliver between 6 and 50 liters per minute. Furthermore you will find safety switches for the installation on different pumps.

Pneumatic oil pump sets
As required, these compressed air oil pump sets can be mounted on a wall as well as at another desired place. These sets are available as an open option as well as buit-in a cabinet. By combining them with the system TANK SERVICE BASE a flexible operation with barrels is made possible. 

Oil collecting pans
In accordance with current regulations, a storage of lubricants and fuels in workshops and industrial plants is  only permitted in conjunction with suitable containers. In the event of leakage they need to collect relevant liquids to prevent environmental pollution. The oil collecting pans are perfectly made for it. They catch leaking oil and provide a comfortable transportation of barrels.

Oiler and suction guns
We offer a wide variety of products, also for the transport of very small amounts. We offer suction guns for example. With these you can take oil samples directly frome the machine. We also offer small devices such as hand oil pumps for the transport of very small quantities.